Saturday, February 2, 2008

Greece Guide Books

Rough Guide to Greece Eyewitness GuideNational Geographic Grecia
Besides the countless Web sites we used, we used three books when planning the trip to Greece. The are: The Rough Guide Greece, 11th Edition, The Eyewitness Guide – Athens & Mainland (2007 edition), and Le Guide Traveler di National Geographic Grecia (in Italian). We took all three with us on the trip.

The Rough Guide pros: good background information on culture and history and good detail on complicated hikes. The Rough Guide cons: restaurants seemed geared to low end – in other words we didn’t like the restaurant choices and some of the hours listed for archaeological sites were not correct (especially the winter hours).

The Eyewitness Guide pros: nice glossy visuals, especially visualizations of ancient ruins. The Eyewitness Guide cons: scanty information on hikes.

The National Geographic Grecia pros: pleasant Italian prose of only a handful of places to visit (sometimes less is more).

If we had to take just one book, I guess we would take the Rough Guide. We were largely constrained in choice by what we could find in local bookstores so we did not review all guides.

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