Monday, January 21, 2008

Trattoria della Posta – Monforte D’Alba

The Trattoria della Posta is located on Loc. S. Anna 87 in Monforte D’Alba. It was a special night out (aren’t they all?). The food was great (we both had the seasonal tasting menu), the service was great, and the ambience of the restaurant just right. It was a meal worth fighting for – and we did as we quibbled on who got us lost! And to our salvation, in the middle of a dark country road and way off the mark, we came across a guy, walking, who spoke perfect English and directed us in the right direction. Rescued again.

P.S. I love the way in Piemonte they wrap breadsticks (grissini) in napkins and just present them on the table. These are good breadsticks too, not wimpy or stale. It was nice to be in the land of breadsticks again. In Tuscany you rarely find them.

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