Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Old Cannery Building – Flatcolor Gallery Wall

Left: In Memory of Jade; Right: Clifton Yatez Piece
In Memory of JadeClifton Yatez Piece
Location: 2nd Avenue Extension S and S Main St in Pioneer Square (47.599891,-122.330495).

Creator: Clifton Yatez (black and gray piece), Wagnerisms (“In Memory of Jade”)

Description: Yatez is represented by the Flatcolor Gallery. Jade refers to Jade BTM, a respected writer* from the Bay Area who died in 2013. Jade was known for his stylized tag “Jade”.

For a past view of this wall, see Good People of Seattle Mural.

* pracitioner of writing graffiti, a graffiti artist. For more terms, see a glossary of graffiti terms.

Left: Detail of In Memory of Jade; Right: Pigeon in front of Yatez PieceDetail of In Memory of JadePigeon in front of Yatez Piece

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