Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Metropole Building Alley - Street Art

Location: Behind the Metropole Building, close to the intersection of Yesler Way and 2nd Avenue Extension S (47.601586,-122.33222).

Creator: Jeff Jacobson (

Description: I’m sure the letters with some coaxing will reveal themselves, but as of yet, this abecedarian can’t decipher it. And OSHPT? Best I could dig up from One Step Higher and Public Terror, or Paint Trains or OSH/PT boys. Or, it means “oh shit, help, please translate”.

On a related note the following quote from Michael Walsh's book Graffito helped ease my mind: "Many experienced graffiti writers consider themselves modern day calligraphers. They have taken the English alphabet that they were taught as a child and twisted the letter forms to create a new language. A new alphabet. A language that most people can't ready. They want you to see it, but don't want you to understand it." p.12

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