Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Belltown – Inside - Out Mural

Belltown Inside and Out MuralBelltown Inside and Out Mural
Location: On 3rd Ave between Wall Street and Battery Street, in Belltown (47.615636, -122.346681).

Creator: Unknown

Description: A hard-to-see - and possibly for the better - mural that tells you that you are in Belltown, a neighborhood of Seattle. The mural was created as part of the Belltown Inside-Out Festival – now defunct. Read more at about this mural and others in Belltown at Hideous Belltown.

The mural features among other things, and an image of the Bell Apartments (also known as the Austin A Bell Building), Seattle’s iconic Space Needle (which is not technically in the Belltown boundaries), and Gyro Jack, a concrete, spiral walkway in nearby Regrade Park.

The name of the Belltown honors William Nathaniel Bell (1817 – 1887), a member of the pioneers credited with founding Seattle.

Belltown Inside and Out Mural

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