Saturday, March 8, 2008

Residenza Pietrabruno

Pietrabruno Business Card Front
Pietrabruno Business Card Back
The Residenza Pietrabruna is a bed and breakfast in Serra Pamparato in the Cuneo province of Italy. We stayed for two nights while we were visiting family in the area. There are three rooms in the residenza and kitchen – that’s it. The rooms were in great shape and clean, and the breakfast hit the spot. The owner, Giovanna, was very friendly and we talked for some time about food and recipes (what else do you do in Italy). She gave us some farina saracena (buckwheat) to try back in Florence. The best way to get there from Niella Tanaro (where the main autostrada drops you) is to go through Roburent. Here is the exact location.

It took us about four hours to drive from Florence to Serra including a half hour break. A distance of about 350km. If you are into tunnels, this is the drive for you because Liguria, especially around Genova is nonstop tunnels and bridges. It would not be an exaggeration to say we went through 100+ tunnels on our way there. Some amazing engineering.

We stayed 4 nights again at PietraBruna and had a wonderful time again. This time we took 2 of the 3 rooms. The host Giovanna is a wonderful person and we spent time each morning chatting with her (in Italian and Piedmontese). We got to meet some of her family and learn more about the history of Serra-Pamparato. It turns out that Giovanna and her husband, Gianfranco, created the Ethnografic Museum (Museo Ethnografico) just a few doors down from the B&B. If you can, take a tour of it with Giovanna or Gianfranco.

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