Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Anna Anna Bo-Banna!

Anna, Anna, bo-banna (*)
Banana-fana fo-fana

Thank you Shirley Ellis and The Name Game video.

Okay, we’d be remiss to not mention what’s up with the neighbor (“vicina di casa”), Anna. Well, let me say Mark has the longest fuse of anyone I know and Anna lit it. Boy oh boy. Then I jumped in trying to swear at her and called her crazy (“pazza”) and rude (“maleducato”). (The latter insult she uses when she yells at people passing by.) The confrontation wasn’t pretty. In the heat of the moment we asked her if she stole our plants and we think she confessed to it. It was odd.

The incident that caused the blow up is so strange that I don’t even think I could describe it accurately. Our landlords (both the owner of the house and the property manager) have confirmed to us that her behavior has always been this way. What’s really sad or interesting is not that she is that way but the way we reacted. We wished we acted different and just ignored her. It would have been less energy.


  1. did you try laughing at her? seriously... i have other ideas that i won't post because i don't want to be incriminated!

  2. No, but might be worth trying next time. I'm SURE there will be another opportunity.


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