Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Medici Video

The video I Medici, Signori del Rinascimento is an interesting set of videos about the Medici and their impact on the Renaissance (not insignificant). The life and times of the Medici are dramatized, but the actors never speak, instead there is narration interspersed with experts talking. So it’s a documentary of sorts. There are different little side tangents taken up like Brunelleschi’s building of the duomo dome and Michelangelo's carving of David. On the whole, a recommend.

DVD 1: Nascita di una dinastia (birth of a dynasty) / Lorenzo il Magnifico
DVD 2: I papi medicei (the medici popes) / Il potere contro la verità (power verus truth)

By the way, I tried watching the videos with Italian spoken and English subtitles. That just didn’t work, too confusing. It is better to just listen in Italian and then rewatch again in English if you need to.

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