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Travelmarx Music Picks – Summer 2021

TravelMarx Music Picks - Summer 2021 - 25 tracks
A composite image of 25 albums used to create a summer playlist.

It's been a while since we made up one of our seasonal music recommendation lists. It's been a hard year for everyone – not always in the same ways – but challenging all the same. For us, music has been something we used to get through the ups and downs of the pandemic. 2012 was our last list of 25 albums we were listening to. Here's another 25 music picks that we recommend because we've been listening to them this last year. This playlist can be found as a Spotify playlist called Travelmarx Summer 2021.

Tracks 1-5:

Alex Burey – "Family Stone" (2015). Song on the playlist: "Come Over".

Julie Byrne – "Not Even Happiness" (2017). Song on the playlist: "Sea As It Glides".

Woo – "Into the Heart of Love" (1990). On the song "Make Me Tea" how can you not like the sentiment expressed in the lyric "Take me to the place you love / And I will love it too / Sing to me your favourite song / And I will sing along with you."

Tonbruket – "Forevergreens" (2016). We got turned on to this Swedish group's album when we first heard the atmospheric track "Music for the Sun King".

Agnes Obel – "Citizen of Glass" (2016). The beautiful track "Familiar" by this Danish singer-songwriter will hook you.

Tracks 6 - 10:

Angel Olsen – "All Mirrors" (2019). Where has the track "New Love Cassette" been all my life? Blasts of sexy angry cello – be still my heart.

Tomemitsu – "m_o_d_e_s" (2017). The track "In Dreams" is a slow burner that grows on you.

Leifur James – "A Louder Silence" (2018). The whole album is one we listen to a lot. Love the track "Argonaut".

Sweet Baboo – "Wild Imagination" (2013). The infectious "Pink Rainbow" from this North Wales artist doesn't let us stop tapping our feet!

Patrick Watson – "Love Songs for Robots" (2015). What a beautiful opening track "Love Songs for Robots" to this release.

Tracks 11- 15:

Faye Webster "Atlanta's Millionaire Club" (2019). The track "Room Temperature" is included on the playlist.

Amen Dunes – "Cowboy Worship" (2015). Dunes' cover of Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren" one our favorites..

Andrew Bird – "My Finest Work Yet" (2019). The track "Bloodless" has lyrics that resonate with today: "Well, the best lack all conviction / And the worst keep sharpening their claws / They're peddling in their dark fictions / While what's left of us / Well, we just hem and we haw".

Jessica Pratt – "Quiet Signs" (2019). Favorite track "This Time Around".

Helado Negro – "This is How You Smile" (2019)

Tracks 16 - 20:

Devendra Barhart – "Ma" (2019). Why aren't there more cool songs like "Love Song" from this album? It's low key, it grooves, it's cool.

The Apartments – "In And Out of the Light" (2020). The song we picked for this playlist is "We Talked Through Till Dawn".

Kevin Morby – "Still Life" (2014). The track "Parade" in on this playlist, but everything Morby does is worth a listen.

Crumb – "Locket" (2017). The track also called "Locket" from this EP has something about it that we love.

Nick Leng – "Lemons" (2020). Perfect pop song from this South African singer-songwriter, in particular the opening track on this playlist: "Music to Clean House to".

Tracks 21 - 25:

Richard Swift – "The Hex" (2018). Track "Broken Finger Blues".

Bill Fay – "Life is People" (2012). Great cover of Wilco's "Jesus, Etc.".

C Duncan – "Health" (2019). The track selected for the playlist from this Scottish composer and musician is "Wrong Side of the Door".

Douglas Dare – "Milkteeth" (2020). The track "Red Arrows" is on the playlist. Dare is a British singer-songwriter.

Brasstronaut – "Mean Sun" (2012). The track "Bounce" is on the playlist from this Vancouver, British Columbia group.

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