Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hiking Below Pizzo della Presolana

Left: Path from Passo della Presolana to bivacco città di Clusone. Right: View from sentiero 315 into valley.
Path from Passo della Presolana to bivacco città di ClusoneView from sentiero 315 into valley

Hike Notes

Length: 8.4 km round trip
Duration: 3 hours up to bivouac, shorter coming back
Elevation: ~ 790 m ascent/descent, start at Passo della Presolana @ 1297 m, high point bivouac @ 2085 m
Location: Italy, Lombardy, Bergamo Province, Alta Val Seriana


A last minute invite to take a Sunday walk seemed like a good way to spend time with the friends who invited us, see a little more of the area around Bergamo and get in a little walking before we hit the Gran Sasso National Park. We following sentiero 315, making it to the bivouac (bivacco città di Clusone @2085 m), which proved to be our turn around point today. The Presolana group is sometimes called the Bergamasco Dolomites.

We came back down from the bivouac to Rifugio Cassinelli (1522 m) for lunch. Casoncelli of course were on the menu as well as polenta, two staples of the Bergamasco cuisine.

Botanical References

For more references, see Resources for Identifying Plants around Bergamo.

Left: [Fabaceae] Anthyllis vulneraria; Right: [Ranunculaceae] Trollius eruopaeus
[Fabaceae] Anthyllis vulneraria[Ranunculaceae] Trollius eruopaeus

From left to right: [Orchidaceae] Cephalanthera longifolia, [Orchidaceae] Neottia nidus-avis, [Orobanchaceae] Pedicularis verticillata, [Primulaceae] Primula glaucescens, [Gentinaceae] Gentiana
[Orchidaceae] Cephalanthera longifolia[Orchidaceae] Neottia nidus-avi[Orobanchaceae] Pedicularis verticillata[Primulaceae] Primula glaucescens[Gentinaceae] Gentiana

Left: [Plantaginaceae] Globularia; Right: [Violaceae] Viola
[Campanulaceae] Jasione montana[Violaceae] Viola

[Polygalaceae] Polygala chamaebuxus
[Polygalaceae] Polygala chamaebuxus[Polygalaceae] Polygala chamaebuxus[Polygalaceae] Polygala chamaebuxus

Left: CAI Bergamo Map for Sentiero 315; Right: Trailhead sign.
CAI Bergamo Map for Sentiero 315Trailhead sign

Left: Coming down sentiero 315; Right: View above bivouac to Presolana.
Coming down sentiero 315View above bivouac to Presolana

Left: Trail sign pointing to Passo della Presolana; Right: View from Rifugio Cassinelli, looking south.
Trail sign pointing to Passo della PresolanaView from Rifugio Cassinelli, looking south

Casoncelli at Rifugio Cassinelli
Casoncelli at Rifugio Cassinelli

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