Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wallingford Mural

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Close-up of the Wallingford Mural
Close-up of the Wallingford Mural
Location: Wallingford, N 45th St. and Meridian Ave N, on the west side of the building that has Tully’s Coffee. The mural features places you can find in Wallingford like the Guild 45th Theater, Dick’s Drive-In, The Wallingford Ladybug, the entrance to Meridian Playground as well as mentioning some of the events that take place in Wallingford like the Wallingford Wurst Festival and the Wallingford Artwalk.

Icons of Wallingford in the Mural (left); The Mural from Across the Street (right)
Close-up of the Wallingford MuralThe Wallingford Mural from Across the Street

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