Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kabul Restaurant Mural

Kabul Restaurant Mural (left); Inspiration of Women in the Mural from 1985 National Geographic Cover? (right)
Kabul Restaurant Mural 1985 National Geographic Cover

This Wallingford mural is on the west wall of the Kabul Restaurant, a restaurant that features Afghan cuisine. The mural is signed in the lower right with “Cliff Parshall 2002”.

The restaurant is named after Kabul, the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. The principal images in the mural, from left to right, are horse riders (Buzhashi or warriors?), the Qala-e-Bost arch in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province, one of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, and an Afghan man and woman. The 11th century Qala-e-Bost arch, which appears on the 100 Afghani note, marks the principal approach to the ancient fortress citadel of Bost, later renamed Lashkar Gah. [ref] The woman in the mural, with her piercing green eyes, resembles the Afghan Girl on the iconic National Geographic 1985 cover.

The Qala-e_Bost Arch in the Mural (left); The Arch on Currency (right)
The Qala-e_Bost Arch in the Mural The Qala-e_Bost Arch in the Mural

A Buddha of Bamiyan in the Mural (left); The Taller for Two Buddhas (1976) Before Destruction (image credit: wikipedia)
A Buddha of Bamiyan A Buddha of Bamiyan

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