Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fremont Foundry Murals – Groovy Animals

Groovy Animals in Fremont, Rebus with Artist Signature?

Who created this mural* and what it represents is not known. We’ve looked around for an obvious signature or attribution and none were found.  Maybe the clue is the rebus with a “tie” + “r” + “bells” – “b” = “tyrell”?

* A commenter below says it's by Richard Beyer.

The Fremont Fine Arts Foundry – the murals are on the east wall of this structure – is closed and so no answers can be found there. Each vignette of the larger murals seems to be part of larger story. Most if not all of the images are outlined by grooves incised into the wall and about ¼ to ½ inch thick.

The murals are located at 154 North 35th Street in Fremont.

Part of the Mural on the Fremont Fine Arts Foundry Building

Stitched Views


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