Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fremont House to Live On

Card Notifying Neighbors of Move - Front
Card Notifying Neighbors of Move - Back

It’s not the usual way you’d think about getting a house, but it’s possible: save a house from demolition and move it to your lot. That’s what’s going to happen this weekend in Fremont (the self-described center of the universe). What a find, what a save this will be. The house was a former B&B (called the Gypsy Arms and featuring a S&M dungeon) and now it will live again in “upper” Fremont minus the dungeon. Rampant (or eventual?) development just made this cross between a Victorian and Craftsman not viable anymore. Sad, but a happy end this time.

By the way, if you are searching for a house to buy and move, try the Nickel Brothers site. The Nickel Brothers will be doing the move this weekend.
Flyer Notifying Neighbors


  1. Video of the move:

  2. Thanks. I looked the other day but didn't see anything. I think I walked by you because I remember you filming at that location.

  3. Yup, around 4:15 or so I walk in front the camera.


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