Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fremont House to Live On

Card Notifying Neighbors of Move - Front - Fremont, Seattle Card Notifying Neighbors of Move - Back - Fremont, Seattle 

It’s not the usual way you’d think about getting a house, but it’s possible: save a house from demolition and move it to your lot. That’s what’s going to happen this weekend in Fremont (the self-described center of the universe). What a find, what a save this will be. The house was a former B&B (called the Gypsy Arms and featuring a S&M dungeon) and now it will live again in “upper” Fremont minus the dungeon. Rampant (or eventual?) development just made this cross between a Victorian and Craftsman not viable anymore. Sad, but a happy end this time. 

By the way, if you are searching for a house to buy and move, try the Nickel Brothers site. The Nickel Brothers will be doing the move this weekend. 

Flyer Notifying Neighbors of Upcoming Move


  1. Video of the move:

  2. Thanks. I looked the other day but didn't see anything. I think I walked by you because I remember you filming at that location.

  3. Yup, around 4:15 or so I walk in front the camera.


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