Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mt. Pilchuck Hike

Mt Pilchuck Lookout 

We actually took this hike a month ago on August 11. It was a cloudy, cool day. 

Distance: 6 miles roundtrip (up and down).
Time: 4 hours (11:45 am to 3:45pm). 
Elevation gain: 2400 feet.
Low point: 3120 feet (trailhead).
High point: 5320 feet (lookout).
Trail: Mt. Pilchuck Lookout Trail #700, Green Trails Granite Falls #109 in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Darrington Ranger District. 

Thoughts on the hike: it would have been better if it wasn’t clouded in for sure. The trail was okay, if not a little short. There were lots of people (even on this cloudy day) and it wasn’t terribly peaceful. There was always someone around. When we reached the top, and climbed in the lookout post it was jam-packed with people that, um, were not the kind we typically like sharing intimate spaces with. It was a weird vibe that we couldn’t wait to get away from.

Mt. Pilchuck Terrain

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