Sunday, January 25, 2009


Our friends from Perugia came over and together we made strufoli, a sweet, fried bread/cake eaten during Carnival. Is it spelled with one “f” or two? We were told one, but it seems that many people use two. As well, the shape the strufoli take seems to depend on what region you are talking about. Ours were more or less circular. The common English name for strufoli is “honey balls”.

The strufoli we made had the same basic ingredients that other recipes you can find have: eggs, flour, sugar, olive oil, and baking powder (“lievito pane degli angeli per dolci”). They are not surprisingly as filling as they may look given that they are fried. Drizzle a nice flavorful honey over them and you’ve got a Carnival snack before you have to declare them off limits for Lent.

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