Monday, January 19, 2009

Ballard Farmer’s Market Sign and Oregon Black Truffles

Vegetarian Sign
At the farmer’s market in Ballard today, we saw this sign at the booth that sells salmon. The sign reads: “Vegetarian: Old Indian Word for Bad Fisherman”.

Also, today was the first time we ran into Oregon black truffles, Leucangium carthusianum. They are also known as the Chartreuse truffle. They don’t at all resemble the European truffles we are more familiar with. The Oregon blacks have a more sour, almost blue cheese smell. They also have a very short shelf life.

Oregon blacks are native between Northern California and southern British Columbia at lower elevations of the west side of the Cascade Mountains. They are collected by raking away litter and soil matter to get at them – a method that has raised concerns about the damage incurred and the ability for the truffles to recover.

We had them with some eggs immediately after purchasing them. Very nice.
Oregon Black TrufflesEggs and Oregon Black Truffles

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