Thursday, May 2, 2013

RIP Angel and Weapons of Mass Expression Murals

Left: Nunchaku Guy;  Right: Weapons of Mass Expression
Nunchaku GuyWeapons of Mass Expression
This street art is on north wall of the building that house Apocalypse Tattoo and the Downtown Dog Lounge on E. Olive Way. The RIP Angel mural features a (karate) dude with nunchaku warning you to back off? The other end of the wall (west) features Weapons of Mass Expression with a Fernand Léger-like face. In the middle of the wall there are some crazy cats in a rumble.

Left: Rumble Cats; Right: RIP Angel Dov?
Rumble CatsRIP Angel Dov

Left: More Rumble Cats; Right: the Alley
Rumble CatsThe Alley Scene

Nunchaku Guy Says: Back Off!
Nunchaku Guy Says: Back Off!Nunchaku Guy Says: Back Off!


  1. It's a R.I.P. Mural for Plus One, thats supposed to be him doing karate. The R.I.P Angel was added on the side because he was recently murdered (Plus One died in 2004 I believe)


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