Monday, April 16, 2012

Binomen Art - Rosmarinus

 Binomen Art - Rosmarinus
The same botanical art accomplices that helped out on Binomen Art - Cycas revoluta, helped out on this spelling of Rosmarinus officinalis, known of course as Rosemary. Quattrocchi says: the origin of the name is “Latin for the plant, from ros, roris ‘dew’ and marinus ‘maritime,’ ros marinus, ros maris, marinus ros; see Carl Linnaeus, Species Planataurm, 23. 1753 and Genera Planatarum Ed. 5. 14. 1754;” Wikipedia goes further to say that it has this name because in “many locations it needs now water other than the humidity carried by the sea breeze to live.”

This particular shrub is at least ten feet by ten feet with a maximum height of about four feet. Who knows if it is one plant or many? Or, what cultivar it is. A brick border separates the rosemary form artificial turf in a Henderson, Nevada back yard.

Contemplating Rosemary (left), Rosemary Sprigs Touching (right)
Binomen Art - RosmarinusBinomen Art - Rosmarinus

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