Monday, September 14, 2009

The Corson Building

Corson Building Entry 

After hearing about the Corson Building for so long it was great to get to finally try it for a leisurely brunch. Apparently, the owner/chef Matt Dillon (who we didn’t see at brunch) has quite the reputation in Seattle as a cook. The Corson Building is a take on a supper club, communal dining experience. We also have in mind Art of the Table that we recently went to. 

There were six of us for brunch and we arrived around 11 am on this beautiful, sunny Sunday. First thing you might notice is the location, slightly under a freeway overpass, near some train tracks, and under a plane route. Some might be put off; we think actually makes the experience more interesting. Not once during the meal inside did we feel like the location was a problem. 

Moving beyond the location, you can’t help but notice the building is not what you might be used to seeing in Seattle. Apparently, the building is about a century old and used to belong to an Italian stoneworker. It looks vaguely European. Take some time to explore the gardens and spaces outside. 

Inside, the setting is rustic, communal, and comfortable. On this particular Sunday it wasn’t at all crowded so we had a table to ourselves. I think that this is not at all like the dinners from what we can tell, so we may not have had a “typical” experience. The food: very good, but we can’t say the flavors or the presentation was over-the-top or the best we’ve had, but it was definitely very, very good. Staff was attentive and friendly. We would love to back and try dinner there.

Corson Building - Sunday Buffet

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