Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bike Ride – Fremont to Marymoor and Back

Looking South along Sammamish River Trail
We took a bike ride from Fremont to Marymoor (going around the north end of Lake Washington) and back. We were frustrated that there wasn’t an obvious path around Lake Washington so that we could come across I-90 to make a loop. All in all, the 55 miles (roundtrip) ride was nice. We had a so-so lunch at the Redhook brewery, just a one minute diversion off of the Sammamish River Trail. (The Herb Farm pratically shares a parking lot with Redhook– now that might have been more interesting…).

The only sort of trick part was the leaving the Burke Gilman Trail and connecting to the Sammamish River Trail. At Blyth Park, instead of going left, we went straight over a bridge (into Blyth Park) and that takes you somewhere else. Stay on the west side of the river! Once, we got on the Sammamish River Trail we found it to be very nice, in some ways nicer than the Burke-Gilman.

If you get a flat in Bothell (like one of us did), Bothell Ski & Bike is a few hundred feet off the trail near NE 180th St and can assist.

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