Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TravelMarx Music Recommendations

DuffyKatie Melua

Some music that reminds of our sabbatical (indulge us, will you?): Duffy’s Rockferry and Katie Melua’s Piece by Piece. The former was played on every popular Italian radio station, especially the songs Rockferry (video), Warwick Avenue (video), and Mercy (video). Duffy’s music is a style called (British) blue-eyed soul. Think Dusty Springfield (a legend) with less mascara. Try to not toe-tap to Duffy’s Mercy.

The second recommendation, Katie Melua, is something we heard while staying at Garni Delta and it stuck in my mind. Some standouts: the infectious (and a wee-bit sweet) Nine Million Bicycles (video) and Thank You Stars (video). My favorite though is I Cried For You. Melua’s style is world beat / adult contemporary. She is originally from Georgia (the country).

Yes, both of these artists are not Italian! The next music post will be about Italian music, we promise.

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  1. I love Duffy's sound. have only heard a couple of her songs, including Mercy, but her voice is so smooth. I'll check out your other musical recco too....thx


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