Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Funky Cold Medina – Richest Puget Sound Zip Codes

Wealthiest ZIP Codes Puget Sound

The idea of looking through the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2008 Book of Lists (link) was to help me target places, gulp…, to work. Instead I got sidetracked on the list of Wealthiest ZIP Codes in the Puget Sound Area ranked by average household net worth. I guess I was expecting Seattle ZIP codes to be featured more prominently in the top 10, but that wasn’t the case. The top ZIP code is 98039, Medina (which always makes me think of Tone Loc’s Funky Col Medina – I don’t think this video was filmed Medina but I could be wrong). The only Seattle ZIP code in the top 10 comes in at number 10 and that is 98177 which is composed of the areas called Richmond Beach, Innis Arden, The Highlands, and Blue Ridge. To our friends in Blue Ridge: when is dinner?

The facts: the average 2006 household net worth in 98039 (with Bill Gates subtracted out of the mix!) was $1,232,108 and the average for 98177 was $831,959.


  1. HA - nice to know my mom's are bringing down the neighborhood :-).

    love Zachary


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