Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Metro-North Service From Grand Central to New Haven

Metro-North Brochure

I was curious to see how the Metro-North train service between Grand Central Terminal, New York City and New Haven, Connecticut would work. Overall, I was pleased with the experience. Pros: Economical way to travel, you can pay in a number of ways including on the train, very convenient to just leave or arrive in middle of New York City. Cons: the trains seemed a little dated and in need of a facelift inside and the travel time for just 73 miles was a bit over two hours which seems a little long.

I bought tickets at Grand Central a few minutes before the train left and was fine. On this Monday there were a lot of commuters going to work in Connecticut. However, there wasn’t a crunch on seating. Most got off in Stamford. The train arrived in New Haven a few minutes late but acceptable. More interesting would be if you wanted a connection to different city like Waterbury. The time for transfer is listed as 7 minutes and I think that’s cutting it a bit close.

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