Monday, May 12, 2008

Spanish Chapel – Take II

Art, Society and Religion - Front Cover Art, Society and Religion - Back Cover

We were talking the other day to the helpful librarians and instructors at the British Institute about the fresco in the Spanish chapel that we last posted on and they collectively said “oh, that fresco, it’s covered in this book….” Again TravelMarx is the last to know. We’ve updated the picture in that post with some additional information.

The book that has details on the fresco is called Siena, Florence, and Padua: Art, Society and Religion 1280 – 1300. Volume II: Case Studies. The book is edited by Diana Norman. The fresco is discussed in chapter 10 The art of Knowledge: two artistic schemes in Florence. In this chapter the Triumph fresco is discussed along with the sculpted reliefs on Giotto’s bell tower. Like the fresco, the reliefs provide an encyclopedic view of learning.

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