Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Bike Ride in Florence

Route Followed for Florence Bike Ride 2

Okay, this is only our second bike ride (the first was discussed in a previous post) so we are by no means experts but we thought this was a very pleasant little ride. In total we road about 20 miles roundtrip in about 3 hours. We rode “city” bikes on bike lanes in the city which turned into dirt roads along the river as we got further from the city, and finally when the river trail came to an end, SS67 a state highway .

We basically headed east, staying on the north side of the river, riding along the river as far as we could until we had to take a surface road. To head out of the city, use the red bike lanes that follow the outline of the old city walls, making a ring around the city. Unfortunately, the path along the river eventually ends, rather suddenly, at what looks like an old mill on the river (near Girone shown with a green dot on the map included with this post). That’s it. You can’t go any farther. So we backtracked a little and got on SS 67 running east. We made it to Sieci and turned around. Riding on SS 67 can be a little nerve racking. But we had had a taste of what a pleasure it would be ride up river into the hills of Chianti. Next time it would be on a 'real' road bike with more than one gear, and of course helmets. Italians drivers seem to respect bikers, allowing a lot of room on the road when passing.

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