A Bike Ride from Peschiera del Garda to Valeggio sul MincioWhen I travel, I'm moved sometimes to write about it when I return. It's a labor of love to collect facts and photos, adjust misconceptions, add new insight, and, in general, write a piece that interests readers. Writing a typical travel piece can take anywhere from a couple of hours to dozens of hours. A travel piece is successful if is informative to the reader.

Besides writing travel pieces to help others, I write them to remember. Even though I take notes and save brochures and scraps of information, it means little if it isn't organized in a way to make it easy to come back to and find a fact or revisit an experience you had. One way to organize travel information is the classic way: collect notes and information before and after the trip and store them in a way that they can be easily accessed. For example, I start a new digital "folder" for every trip into which goes all planning ideas: scraps of info, scans, maps, and photos. This works reasonably well for remembering some details of a trip years later.

Another way to remember travel is to write about it. It's harder to do because it requires more thought than simply collecting and filing information. It requires telling a story, potentially with actors, actions, and outcomes, all bound together to make someone want to read the words, be it two paragraphs or twenty pages. A story communicates more about your travel, and in a more powerful way, than a file folder of notes and maps. Stories have greater longevity.

An interesting side-effect of writing travel stories is that it influences how you travel: you will look for stories and experiences rather than just follow a checklist of sites to see.

Salvation Mountain, Imperial Valley California Vancouver BC totem pole Statue “Civitas” [1988] - Audrey Flack in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden Statue of Mainonides in Córdoba Spain


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