Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Room With a Smell

Room With a View Movie DVD Cover
Okay, there have been way too many Room with a View references these last few days so here we go…

Reference 1: Our apartment on Via del Canneto may not have a room with a view, but boy does it have beautiful smell. There is a garden (here, approximately) full of roses and jasmine and the smell cascades down the wall to our windows. It seems to go all day long. We are literally below the garden. It truly has been a pleasure to smell for the past two weeks. (Okay, tangentially related, but they get getter.)

Reference 2: The other day I was touring the Bardi and Peruzzi chapels in Santa Croce and the teacher says, you guessed it, “these chapels were in Room with a View.”

Reference 3: At the bike shop, a person working there was telling us about the Fattoria de Maiano and said, you guessed it, “part of Room with a View was filmed there.” (Not sure about this.)

Reference 4: Today on our bike ride, we were riding through the Tuscan countryside on a small dirt path through waist high grass full of red poppies and just for a second I was Lucy Honeychurch, but then thinking about how slow and cautious I was going I thought Charlotte Bartlett (the rain-on-your-parade chaperon) was more appropriate – darn.

Wow, was this movie really from 1985? Yes.

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