Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Travelmarx Summer 2024 Playlist - Out of Time

36 album covers for Travelmarx Summer 2024 Playlist – Out of Time
36 album covers for Travelmarx Summer 2024 Playlist – Out of Time

Out of Time” is a Blur song I didn’t pay attention to when it came out in 2003. But some 20 odd years later, I can’t get enough of it. It’s the second song in this playlist of 36 songs. I especially like the version included in this playlist with the Orchestra of Syrian Musicians. The song’s lyrics feel appropriate these days. The song starts off “Where's the love song to set us free, too many people down, everything turning the wrong way round...”. The appropriateness of the lyrics to me may also be because I'm reading Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World by Naomi Klein. " In the Mirror World, there is a copycat story and answer for everything...."

You can listen this playlist on Spotify.

How did we come up with this playlist? These are songs we heard by chance or were introduced to by friends in the last few months since our last playlist Travelmarx Spring 2024 Playlist – Anti-Rage Time.

Washed Out – "Don't Wanna"
Damon Albarn, The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians – "Out of Time"
Mr Day – "Queen of the Minstrels"
Still Corners – "A Kiss Before Dying"
Bulgarian Cartrader – “LAB”
Kid Loco – “Three feet high reefer”

Jacob Slade – “In-Between”
Frazey Obadiah Ford – “U kin B the Sun”
Jesse Woods – “UFO"
Beck – "Stratosphere"
Ezéchiel Pailhès – “Unless”
JitJam – “Opendoors"

Ironsides – “Changing Light”
Wax Machne – “Glimmers"
“Skinny Pelembe – “Who By Fire”
Jerome Harvey – “Enter the Night Veil”
Ora Cogan – “Holy Hells”
Bajaka – “The Landing”

Anna Ash – “Righteously"
Tim Hill – “Bitter Drip”
Real Estate – “Green Aisles”
Hollow Covers – “Coastline”
Rogér Fahkr – “East of Nowwhere”
Johnny Hollow – “Bloodsuckers”

Perera Elsewhere – “Drunk Man”
Anna Leone – “Remember"
Beth Gibbons – “Floating on a Moment”
Black Belt Eagle Scout – “On the River”
Chris Staples – “Hold Onto Something”
Calvin Love – “Night Songs” (Love this album!)

Ryan Gebhardt – “yelling at my piano”
Tommy Guerrero – “The Pilots Vessel”
Romare – “Walking in the Rain”
Saschienne – “November”
You Man – “Who We Are”
CoveVZ, Valentina Magaletti, Zongamin – “Suono Assente”

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