Friday, June 7, 2024

Album Covers With Outstretched Arms on Them

mosaic of 16 music album covers with outstretched arms
A mosaic of 16 music album covers with outstretched arms.

Outstretched arms on music album covers are few – that we could find, and we go through a lot of album covers. The meaning can be welcoming and open, powerful and confident, or often spiritual. Many of the outstretched arms are isolated in that they we don’t see the owner of the arms, which looks a little creepy.

The Hold Steady  "Heaven is Whenever" (2010)
Nocturnal Rage  "Way Out of Your Mind...And Your Body’s the Mission" (2005)
Jaguar Jaguar  "So Long" (2018)
Camille  "Music Hole" (2008)

Spiritualized  "Amazing Grace" (2003)
Boney James  "Trust" (1992)
Francis and the Lights  "Just for Us" (2017)
Sure Sure  "Sure Sure" (2018)

Jeff Tweedy  "Warm" (2018)
Phoenix  "United" (2000)
Funkadelic  "Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow" (1970)

Supertramp  "Breakfast in America" (1979)
Spoon  "Kill the Moonlight" (2002)
Low  "Trust" (2002)
Ultravox  "The Thin Wall" (1981)

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