Saturday, April 30, 2022

Album Covers with Trains on Them – Part II

A mosaic of 16 music album covers with trains on them.

We couldn't just leave it at one post about trains on album covers, so here's part II for the one out of 10^9 (10 billion) viewers who asked!

In the first post Music Album Covers with Trains on Them, we knew most of the artists and music presented. In this batch of 16 album covers, we didn't know any of the artists except for Al Greene. We post these music-mosaics of silliness as part of our (and hopefully your) process of discovering new music. Lots to choose from in this batch: skiffle, jazz, soul, country, rock, folk, and blues. The albums cover five and 1/2 decades: from 1961 to 2014.

For visual and word interest, we'll call out two covers: Pulley's "Esteem Driven Engine" (2008) and Balsam Range's "Last Train to Kitty Hawk" (2008).

1961 Jimmy Smith – Midnight Special: The Incredible Jimmy Smith
1967 Al Greene – Back Up Train
1968 The Ethiopians – Engine 54
1970 The Walkers – Skiffle Train
1972 Hank Snow – The Jimmie Rodgers Story
1973 The Fivepenny Piece – Makin' Tracks
1974 The Seldom Scene – Old Train
1988 Jaki Byard – Blues for Smoke
1993 Michael Katon – Get on the Boogie Train
1996 Pulley – Esteem Driven Engine
1997 Los Suaves – San Francisco Express
2001 Backstreet Girls – Tuff Tuff Tuff
2002 Cartman – Go!
2008 Balsam Range – Last Train to Kitty Hawk
2011 Stoner Train – Rusty Gears
2014 Rosemary's Triplets – Hellbound Train

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