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The Beatles 'With the Beatles' - Album Cover Parodies

Sixteen parodies of the Beatles album cover  'With the Beatles''With the Beatles' - album cover.
Left: 16 parodies of "With/Meet the Beatles" album cover. Right: The original album cover.

In terms of album cover parodies, the Beatles are some of the most parodied. In this post we show 16 parodies of the Beatles' Meet the Beatles! (US) or With the Beatles (UK) release. The album spoofs include muppets, zombies, bluegrass pickers, and dogs barking the album's songs. This post if full of holiday gift ideas for the music lover that has it all!

Most of the album covers shown here pay tribute, parody, or otherwise contains covers of the compositions by the Beatles. Of particular mention of these album parodies is The Zombeatles' release whose album cover reads "The First Album by the Phenomenal Undead Pop Combo". How could you not laugh at "I Wanna Eat Your Hand", a cover of "I Want to Hold Your Hand", or "Dead Prudence" instead of "Dear Prudence"?

We sampled almost all of these parody albums. Some are pretty awful, and shall remain nameless. A few were pretty good. Besides the Zombeatles, we also liked Young Black Teenagers and Stone City Band.

Meet the Beatles! was the second studio album by the Beatles, released in the United States in January 1964. It was released previously in the UK in November 1963 as With the Beatles, with the same iconic photo of the quartet but colored differently.

First row:
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