Sunday, February 28, 2016

Padua (Padova) Street Art

We set out from Bergamo early Saturday morning for Padua (Padova) and returned Sunday night. We were only Padua for a day and a half, so this is hardly a thorough sampling of all the street art there. However, we were impressed with what we saw. Padua is a city of porticoes, and perhaps, the porticoes being a natural choice for a canvas of only of a certain size, lead to more intimate pieces that viewers can get close to.

Alessio-B: Peace and boy with watering can.
Alessio-B Street Art PaduaAlessio-B Street Art Padua

Kenny Random: Boy sitting and silhouette of a man.
Kenny Random Street Art Padua

A creature holding it’s head and a ballerina.

Ball of confusion and Euro/Heart.
Padova Street Art - Ball of confusion Padova Street Art - Euro - Heart

Profile of a man and a masked girl with a club.
Padova Street Art - Profile of a man Padova Street Art - masked girl with a club

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