Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bergamo Street Art Stencils II

Collage of 13 stencils found around Bergamo city center.Bergamo Street Art Stencils Collage

The post Bergamo Street Art Stencils features nine stencils found around the city center. Here are 13 more. These (mostly) political-themed stencils seem to pop up overnight. Some are legible, others are difficult to read because we don’t understand the context.

Are we just spreading the message by publishing these photos? Maybe. I'm curious about the people who create these, their message, and the chosen medium of walls.

Ciao Carlos, Dove vado, evado (“Where I go, I escape”), Fuck authority, Tumbling house.

Let me smoke, Lotta … (“Fight….”), Pregare … lavoro (“Pray … work”), Sopra la gente, lo stato campa, sotto lo stato, la gente crepa (“Over the people, the state stays alive. Under the state, the people die.”)
Let me smoke stencilLotta stencilPregare … lavoroSopra la gente, lo stato campa, sotto lo stato, la gente crepa

No al debito (“No to debit”). No austerity.
No al debitoNo austerity

No alla guerra (“No to war”). [Fancy horned animal]. Senza casa non ci sto! (“Homeless, I can’t take this!”)
No alla guerraSenza casa non ci sto!


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