Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Panettone 2014

December means panettone at Casa Travelmarx. For pictures of panettone from previous years, see Panettone 2011, Panettone 2012, and Panettone 2013. This year, our little inquisitive friend Midnight Blue Warbler (by Shane Fero) is back to help and sample the final product.

Ingredients for panettoneWorking in candied citrus, currants, and honeyThe dough risingThird rising in the paper moldsFresh out of the ovenA slice of panettone

Upper Row, Left: Ingredients for panettone. Upper Row, Right: Working in candied citrus, currants, and honey.
Middle Row, Left: The dough rising. Center Row, Right: Third rising in the paper molds.
Bottom Row, Left: Panettone ready to bake. Bottom Row, Right: A slice of panettone.

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