Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lady Gaga Channels Mina?

Lady Gaga Applause Album Cover Surrounded by Mina Album Covers
Lady Gaga Applause Album Cover Surrounded by Mina Album Covers

The album cover for Lady Gaga’s single Applause kept nagging at us when we first saw it. What could it be? The smeared painted face and accentuated eyes – hmm. Bingo – Mina! Mina is Mina Anna Mazzini, one of the Italy’s most successful and longest running singers of all time. Of course, Mina has been no stranger to this blog, see Mina, Mina, Mina / Carosello – Italian Ads / Bula Bula / Back to Mina / E Poi, Mina.

Speaking of déjà vu, during the video for Applause, there is a part where Lady Gaga is wearing a head scarf and we kept think ah, “Little Edie” – Edith Bouvier Beale.

The album covers (“copertine” in Italian) are from left to right, top to bottom:


The other day in spin class, the instructor put on Lady Gaga’s Applause and for 30 seconds and I thought it was Ethel Merman! Never mind that Merman passed in 1984. Applause lyrics start off as “I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong; To crash the critic saying, ‘Is it right or is it wrong?”. 



  1. Just had the same thought - and then I found your blog. Great minds think a lot.

  2. funny, I had already thought of that when i randomly found this blog while searching for Mina's pictures on the net. Interesting comparison...


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