Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carosello – Italian Ads

I was out with dinner at the tasty Via Tribunali (Antica Pizzeria Napoletana) with our Italian friends and the talk turned to music – as always happens when I’m around. They mentioned that they remember the “carosello” ads on Italian TV. Later, when I looked them up I found out that the ads aired just before bedtime (for children) at 8:45pm from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s and are a cultural touchstone for many who grew up with them. As pointed out on this blog and this one, the ads are not always obvious in terms of what they are selling. You have to wait them out and see where they are going. A list of ads can be found at with some video clips (you have to wait a bit to get the video). YouTube may be more useful for a quick fix.

In this clip from 1967, can you tell what Mina is selling?

She is selling Barilla pasta. But before that she is singing (I think) that she loves a man who knows how to smoke; that’s a real man. Then at the end she says how Barilla pasta reveals the grand chef in you! (Our friends transcribed it to: "un capolavoro di cucina insieme voi e barilla, c'e una gran cuoca in voi e barilla la rivela". Grazie a N.) In this related YouTube video, you even get cooking tips for the pasta (at the end of the music video naturally).

Other carosello and Mina links.

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