Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Da Spot Hookah Lounge Murals

Da Spot Hookah Lounge Mural
I didn’t even know what hookah was (other than a fuzzy and misconceived idea that it was “exotic”) or that hookah lounges existed in Seattle (they do) until I was drawn to a mural I spotted on the building for Da Spot Hookah Lounge at 1914 Minor Ave, Seattle. For the record, hookah refers to a waterpipe used for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco and it isn’t really exotic or unusual at all.
The mural features a woman blowing smoke and a hookah pipe to give you a clue. Additional clue: hookah piping hanging off the side of the building.
Da Spot Hookah Lounge MuralDa Spot Hookah Lounge Mural
The Space Needle as a Hookah Pipe
The Space Needle as a Hookah PipeThe Space Needle as a Hookah Pipe

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