Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monique Lofts - NKO Mural

Crystalline Forms on the North Wall of the Monica Lofts
Monica Lofts - NKO Mural Monica Lofts - NKO Mural    
The mural on the north wall of Monique Lofts, a Capitol Hill condo between Pike and Pine streets on 11th Avenue), was created as a response to the routine tagging that occurred on the building. The thinking is that if respected graffiti artists, in this case Scratchmaster Joe (aka Joe Martinez) and partner NKO, created a piece of art on the besieged wall, then they would less likely be the target of tagging. The piece was finished in September 2008 and when we passed by it on this sunny Saturday in May 2012, it looked great.

The 100 foot high by 65 foot wide mural sports crystalline geometries which grow on the building. The epiphytic-looking jagged shapes leave a fair amount of the building’s concrete showing and result in a spacious feel to the mural.

Concrete and Mural
Monica Lofts - NKO MuralMonica Lofts - NKO Mural

Monica Lofts - NKO MuralMonica Lofts - NKO Mural

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