Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sweet Spot and Evo Murals - Fremont

Sweet Spot - Fremont Mural
On the way back from Theo Chocolate we stumbled on to this mural for the Sweet Spot at corner of Evanston Ave N and N 35th St. The Sweet Spot specializes in sugaring - speaking of sweet things. Sugaring is a technique for hair removal. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but based on this fun mural we might. The mural is signed Beyond the Ink 2011.

Further down the road, toward Ballard there is a crazy mural-collage on the side of Evo which reads ”Obey: Never trust your own eyes, believe what you are told.” There is a big eye underneath the words. Okay then, we are told that sugaring gives a better Brazilian, we’ll trust them on that. Crisis averted, and, how about that new Theo Sea Salt and Chocolate Bar?

More Sweet Spot – Mural – Fremont
Sweet Spot - Fremont MuralSweet Spot - Fremont Mural

Sweet Spot - Fremont MuralSweet Spot - Fremont Mural

Evo Seattle Wall Collage
Evo Seattle Wall - FremontEvo Seattle Wall - FremontEvo Seattle Wall - Fremont

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