Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Binomen Art - Camellia

Camellia japonic petals
There is never a dull moment from February onward at Travelmarx headquarters. From sarcococca, azara, pieris, to bulbs of all kinds, and now, camellia. From February to March it’s time for our camellia to spring into action. Our camellia tree creates lots of blooms that drop and create a carpet of pink-purple on the ground. And wouldn’t you just know it that we went out one day and the blossoms - as if by magic - spelled “Camellia”!

The etymology of the genus Camellia is that it honors the “Jesuit missionary Georg Joseph (Georgius Josephus) Kamel (Camellus, Camel, Camelli), 1661 - 1706, born at Brno in Moravia, pharmacist, traveler in Asia, plant collector in Luzon, Philippines.” Carl Linnaeus named the Camellia after Kamel in 1735.

The particular plant pictured here is one that was here when we moved in. We estimate the age of the Camellia tree at least greater than 40 years old, about 16 feet high and 12 feet wide. Its blossoms are semi-doubled blossoms with no scent that we can detect. It is likely C. japonica - or common camellia.

Camellia Blossoms on Hazelnut Shells
Camellia japonic petalsCamellia japonic petals
Camellia japonica blossoms Up Close
Camellia japonic petals

Camellia Blossoms on a Branch
Camellia japonic branch

Camellia Binomen Art – Reprise
Camellia japonic Binomen Art

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