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Kähler and Colchicum

Kähler Blue Glaze and Colchicum (Autumn Crocus) Kähler Vase and Colchicum (Autumn Crocus)
Another in the pots and plant series: Kähler meets Colchicum. In this mashup we have Kähler, a type of Danish pottery, and Colchicum autummale, called autumn crocus. The pottery is named after the Joachim Christian Herman Kähler and three subsequent generations of potters spanning from 1839 to 1972.

The plant shown here has the common name of autumn crocus, meadow saffron or naked lady. The genus Colchicum means of or from Colchis, an ancient region at the east end of the Black Sea. Also, colchicine is the name of an analgesic drug derived from this plant that is used to treat gout. Colchicum is part of the Lily family and is not a true crocus nor the source of saffron spice. Saffron comes from Crocus sativus and is part of the Iris family. We believe the plant shown here is autumnale.

Kähler Pottery shown here:
· Small vase (mostly matt brown), bottle vase (mostly turquoise glazed), and bowl in the characteristic 1960s manner of Nils Kähler. Incised: HAK, Nils. Impressed: Denmark. Note stamped fishbone pattern on bottle vase.We purchased two of the items at

· A small, squat vase with blue leaf motif. We are guessing made before 1950, possibly 1910 to 1930.

An article on Ceramics Today gives the history of the Kähler clan as:
· Joachim Christian Herman Kähler (1808 – 1884) – establishes workshop in Naestved, Denmark in 1839.

· Herman August Kähler (1846 – 1917) and Carl Frederik Kähler (1850 – 1920) – two sons take over in 1872. Herman introduces the HAK signature.

· Herman Hans Christian (1876 – 1940) (son of Herman) – takes over in 1901.

· Nils Joakim Kähler (1906 – 1979) and Herman Joergen Kähler (1904 – 1996) – 4th generation; the Kähler factory closes in 1974. Nils always signed his items with “Nils”.

Autumn Crocus In Situ (Seattle)
Autumn Crocus In Situ

Kähler Tourquoise Glazed Trio
Kähler Tourquoise Glazed Trio

Kähler Tourquoise Glazed Trio

Kählder Blue Bottole Markings HAK, Nils
Kählder Blue Bottole Markings HAK, Nils

Kähler Small Vase
Kähler Small Vase

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