Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sonos – Je Te Veux

Sonos Controller
We just installed Sonos and in a word it’s fantastic! What’s Sonos? Sonos is music at your fingertips, any room of the house. The real magic (besides the wireless technology) is the touch-sensitive Sonos Controller. From the intuitively designed controller interface you can quickly access your music archives or Pandora or Rhapsody to name a few of the possible services or just plain old radio. The controller goes where you go around the house. Stop, start, change music, adjust volumes, and mute with a few taps of the finger. Each zone (or room) of the house if you like can be playing something different.

Within a matter of a few seconds I set up a Philip Glass Radio on Pandora and was loving it. As I write this, I’m listening to El Chicano (a little Tell Her She’s Lovely doesn’t hurt does it?) via Rhapsody. Last night I was enthralled with Camille’s latest relase Music Hole (very interesting, Money Note). The real deal cincher was when I looked for the obscure-ish Erik Satie song Je Te Veux (here’s a video performance of the song) and discovered an album of Satie work that I’m not sure I would have found otherwise, Sport & Vergnügen.

Sonos brings the fun of music discovery back. It makes music immediate and very accessible with very little friction. That said, you still have to do a little work to let Sonos see the music you own. We use an HP MediaSmart server to host our media files. And, there is a gotcha with WAV file formats in that Sonos doesn’t preserve album order. The solution is to use FLAC format.

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