Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid

The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid
The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid is a 2005 release by The Real Tuesday Weld (aka Stephen Coates). I just discovered this little gem the other day (helloooo Sonos!) and can’t stop listening to it. (You could say I took to this album faster than the Saudi government shits a brick when they hear the phrase “climate talks”.)

The style is “antique beat” as described by Coates – sort of a jazzy cabaret (circa 1940) meets electronica. There are spoken and half-whispered parts, dreamy sequences, and quirks galore to keep you coming back for more. I still haven’t worked past this album, which is named I believe for an area of central London, to explore his other, more recent work. Some of my favorites off of Clerkenwell: L’Amour et La Morte (“Well I don’t believe in love, until I’m in love…”), Daisies (“Daisies, I’ve always liked daisies. I really love the way they poke their heads through crazy paving…”), Something Beautiful (very autumnal, would not be out of place on the Clientele’s Bonfires on the Heath release.), and Goodbye Stephen (he imagines his own funeral – now don’t tell me that you haven’t done that).

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