Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Like Russian Spam Email

Russian Spam Email
Well, at least better than other spam email because Russian-language spam is amenable to filtering. In Outlook I just set a few rules to watch for a few common Cyrillic characters. For example, this character: Д in the subject seems common and so I filter on that. (I guess it translates to a “D” or “delta”.) I also throw anything from the mail.ru domain away. Think of all the deals I’m missing.
Rules Wizard in Outlook


  1. Awesome. This did the trick.

    Apply this rule after the message arrives
    with Д in the subject or body
    and with 'Д' or '.ru' in the message header
    move it to the Junk Email folder.

  2. I was also informed that if you go to Tools/Preferences - Junk Mail that there is an International tab where you can block top-level domains or block encodings.


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