Saturday, July 18, 2009

Seattle Jade Plant @ 18 Years

18 year old jade plant in Seattle
While listening to a story on NPR about an airline for pets called Pet Airways I was struck by someone interviewed in the story who mentioned how his pet was an old family friend – or something to that effect. Well, I’ve grown this jade plant (Crassula ovata) from a leaf cutting and it’s about 18 years old now. Does that qualify as a family friend? It doesn’t lick me or get me up in the morning, but I’m okay with that.

This jade has trunk circumference of about 11 inches at the soil line. The height and breath are about 3 feet. It suffered through one winter outside (not a good move, but it was during a remodel) several years ago and one year of absence when, now in retrospect I realize, I gave our plant caretaker bad instructions and it was a bit overwatered. The plant usually spends the 'winter' season (October to April) inside and 'summer' season (May to September) outside. We place it outside in a location that gets some sun but not all day sun. In the picture above it’s on the north side of the house where it gets morning sun and then shade for the rest of the day.

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  1. I heard about Pet Airways too. and frankly, as a pet lover, i think its a bit over the top. i do realize there are people in the world who are a. allergic to animals b. don't like animals. and it's a little rude to make your pocket pet ride in the cargo (of normal planes) when others could be allergic to them. still since this is pet airways, you'd know what you're getting into. on the other hand, i don't think pets need to travel everywhere you go (unless it truly is a service animal or being used for competing etc.) what is it about people needing their damn chiuauaus with them? If i'm on vactation, that means vacation from my very over-loved and adored pets! Pets/animals need stablity. they don't need to travel the globe unless as said, being used for service/competition... thank you. keep them home where they are safe and happy.

    yes, jade plant counts. it especially counts if you do NOT like LICKS!! then it's the best pet ever!


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