Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dante Marioni and Parmigianino

At the Museum of Glass in Tacoma there are a couple of ongoing exhibits this month: White Light - Glass Compositions by Daniel Clayman and The Laguna Marano Chandelier - Dale Chihuly, and one new exhibit Form Color Pattern – Dante Marioni. The latter is the one that wowed us or maybe more honestly, made us feel lustful. The compositions by Clayman and Chihuly are fantastic, but not practical for actually owning. That’s where the Marioni creations tempt you. If we just had an extra 15k lying around we could buy that!

It struck me looking at Marioni’s work what his work reminded me of: Mannerism. The elongated and elegant glass forms echo some of the ideals of early Mannerism: elongated forms and precariously balanced poses among other traits. Specifically when I saw Marioni’s vases I was reminded of the Parmigianino (1503-1540) painting Madonna with the Long Neck (in Italian: La Madonna dal Collo Longo). I remember walking through the Uffizi and entering the Parmigianino Room and being struck by how odd the painting seemed but not being able to a first describe why. (I didn’t know what Mannerism even was at the time.)

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