Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Scarf – Finally Finished

Well the first knitting project (the scarf – la sciarpa in Italian) was brought to a close, about 4 months in the making. I pushed hard to finish it up this week. Along, the way, I think I can say I’ve learned a bit more about knitting. I still keep thinking about the analogies between knitting and programming (a computer that is). I want to talk about that more, but don’t have the thoughts in order. By the way, we found this woman’s videos interesting: Just watching the videos we picked up a couple of new tricks.

The scarf was made of Cashsoft Chunky (57% wool, 10% cashmere, 44% acrylic microfibre). Each skein was 50g, 50m, 55yards. The color is Burgundy, SH 711, Lot 37. I used 5 skeins for a total scarf length of about 60 inches. The stitch pattern is knit 2, purl 2 and each row is 28 stitches wide – about 7 stiches per inch a little which is on the tight side.

Next project? A sweater from the Knitting with Balls book, page 84 Boot cut Sweater. Why go through from the scarf to a hat and mittens? Go straight for the big project.

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