Saturday, June 28, 2008


Gelatiamo, Seattle

After our yearly physical what better way to celebrate than with some gelato! We had not been to Gelatiamo in downtown Seattle for a while. An Italian friend invited us to meet her there so we made our way over. Especially coming back from Italy, this gelateria was a pleasant reminder of what we enjoyed there. A little piece of Italy in Seattle. We sat and chatted at an outside table, laughing and eating gelato. Now, shouldn’t that be the way it always is? The owner, Maria would pop by every so often chatting and tempting us with goodies.

I finally got the double meaning of the name (all that Italian pays off): If there were a verb “gelatare” – which might be translated roughly to make or do gelato, “gelatiamo” then would translate to let’s do gelato. It can also be “gelat – ti amo” – gelato, I love you.

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